Boost to net connectivity: Isro's heaviest satellite GSAT-11 launched from French Guiana


NEW DELHI: After months of wait, the country’s heaviest satellite Gsat-11 weighing 5,854 kg was finally launched from the European spaceport in French Guiana at 2.07 am on Wednesday. Arianespace’s Ariane-5 rocket successfully lifted off with communication satellite Gsat-11 and South Korean geo satellite Geo-Kompsat-2A.

新德里经过几个月的等待,印度有史以来最重的卫星Gsat-11终于在周三凌晨2点07分从法属圭亚那的欧洲太空站发射升空,重达5854公斤。亚利安太空公司的阿丽亚娜-5运载火箭成功搭载通信卫星Gsat-11和韩国Geo卫星Geo - Kompsat - 2A升空。

Twenty nine minutes after the lift off, Gsat-11 separated from the rocket and was placed in the geo-transfer orbit. The Korean satellite was released four minutes after Gsat-11 separation. Arianespace kept the time gap of around four minutes in separation of two satellites from the rocket in order to avoid a collision between the two in space.

升空29分钟后,Gsat-11与火箭分离,进入地球转移轨道。4分钟后,韩国Geo卫星Geo - Kompsat - 2A也完成了分离。为了避免两颗卫星在太空相撞,亚利安太空公司将两颗卫星与火箭的分离保持了大约4分钟的间隔。


Gsat-11 is a high-throughput satellite that carries 40 transponders in the Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies and is capable of “providing high bandwidth connectivity” with up to 14 gigabit per second (GBPS) data transfer speed. The satellite’s designed lifetime is more than 15 years.


Soon after the successful launch, Arianespace chief executive Stephane Israel congratulated Isro chairman K Sivan and P Kunhikrishnan, director of Bengaluru-based UR Rao Satellite Centre, who were present at the Arianespace control room to witness the launch. He said the "cooperation with the Indian space agency went back to 1991 and today's launch has boosted that relationship".

发射成功后不久,亚利安太空公司首席执行官蒂芬•伊斯雷尔向Isro主席K Sivan和总部位于班加罗尔的UR Rao卫星中心主任P Kunhikrishnan表示祝贺。他们亲临亚利安太空公司控制室见证了发射。史蒂芬表示,“与印度航天局的合作可以追溯到1991年,今天的发射加深我们的合作关系”。

Thanking Arianespace for the launch, Isro chairman Sivan said, "Six days after the successful launch (on November 29) of India's first hyperpectral imaging satellite HysIS, today's launch of the country's heaviest satellite Gsat-11 is a major milestone for the country. This satellite has been designed in most innovative ways by Isro centres and the credit for its success goes to Team Isro." He said that "Gsat-11 is the third in a series of four highthroughput satellites (Gsat-19, Gsat-29, Gsat-11 and Gsat-20) that will provide the country broadband connectivity of over 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) and will link rural areas and bridge the digital divide under the Digital India programme." While Gsat-19 was launched in June last year, Gsat-29 was launched on November 14 this year.


The chairman said, "The master control centre of Isro (at Hassan in Karnataka) has taken control of Gsat-11. In the coming five days, the satellite will be manoeuvred to its final geo-stationary orbit. Thereafter for the next 10 days, the payloads will be tested." He also congratulated South Korea for the successful launch of Gsat-11's co-passenger Geo-Kompsat-2A.

Sivan说:“Isro的总控制中心(位于卡纳塔克邦哈桑)已经掌控了Gsat-11,并在未来五天,这颗卫星操控到地球同步轨道。此后10天,将接受载荷测试。同时,他向韩国成功发射“Geo- kompsat - 2a”卫星表示祝贺

Sivan also recalled that Gsat-11 was earlier scheduled for the launch on May 25 from French Guiana but due to certain circumstances the launch had to be delayed. The communication satellite, which will help increase internet speed in the country, was earlier recalled from French Guiana by Isro as the agency suspected an anomaly in the satellite. Isro felt the need to take the unusual step of recalling the satellite as a precaution measure especially after the failure of the Gsat-6A mission around the same time. Gsat-6A satellite went out of control and signal from it was lost soon after its launch on March 29




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Pakistan Ki Maa Ki - Pottistan - 10 hours ago -Follow

Congrats ISRO, I think the time has come, Indian government need to reconsider and Increase budget of ISRO.

What I mean to say is We need to catch up with other in this race. ISRO has proved itself to be potential in technology demonstrator and also revenue generator for government. So time as come to increase budget of ISRO to minimum 4 to 5 times of current budget so that they can catch up with countries USA, ESA etc... central government must think wisley, Instead of investing in other govt ... Read More

祝贺ISRO,我认为印度政府是时候需要重新考虑增加ISRO的预算。我们需要在这场赛中赶上其他国家。ISRO已经证明了自己技术实力以及为政府创收方面的潜力所以现在是时候将ISRO的预算增加到目前预算的4 - 5倍,这样他们就赶上美国、欧洲航天局等


Amit Sehgal - 10 hours ago -Follow

ISRO is making India proud - World Wide



Mohan K Sainikpuri - Hyderabad - 10 hours ago -Follow

I take a bow and greet every scientist at the ISRO for their relentless try to gain expertise in space supremacy and today India can claim the super power status on space exploration



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